Trame at Triennale di Milano 16th Settembre – 9th Novembre 2014

The exhibition COPPER CROSSINGS – The Forms of Copper in contemporary art design, technology and architecture. To see  the copper from a different point of view. More that 250 pieces which included artworks as well as design objects, architecture maquettes and technical-scientific application besides a wide section devoted to photography and videos.

The concept of the exhibition was by Elena Tettamanti with Eight Art Project, a new company set up to produce projects together with Triennale di Milano and Istituto Italiano del Rame.

The first journey is the works of art, the 30 works shown in a section devoted to contemporary art represent the most important post-war art movements.



The works in the contemporary art section testify the power of attraction copper had throughout the years and the different movements using shiny, oxidised or acidated plates as well as weaved wires, delicate shapes and unexpected combinations with other materials or reflecting parabolas.



The world of design copper has aroused great interest, particularly in recent times, with surprising and original outcomes. Nowadays, a few designer designed and created common household objects due to their attraction to shine of copper, its oxidation and technological applications.


In the section on architecture, some scale models of projects from architects such as Mecano, Renzo Piano, Aldo Rossi, Steven Holl Architects and James Stirling will be presented.

Copper is also widely used in Technology; found in microprocessors and other electronic equipment, it is a fundamental component for the IT and telecommunications industry. In medical science copper and its compounds were already used by Egyptians and Greek for personal hygiene and continue to be used today for their antimicrobial qualities as you see in the graphic info.

In the energy sector is also an important conductor which is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Not to mention copper applications in transportation, agriculture and food, household and many other sectors.

I’m sure that you also have ones in your house!

more info. @Triennale di Milano



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