AISTHESIS all’origine delle sensazioni

This time I went to Villa Panza where is organized the exhibition and installation of AISTHESIS which take a part by FAI (fondo Ambiente Italiano)

After Giuseppe Panza decided to donate the whole property to FAI, with the aim of preserving for posterity not only his home but also the vast collection of fine artworks housed.

Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza surrounded by splendid gardens and locate in the city of Varese with overlooks the view from the hill of Biumo Superiore.

The ‘U’ shape plan typical of Baroque residences, with the courtyard facing towards the public areas. The meaning of characteristic of this place is called  “Villas of delight”



Design space and sculpt the light, in order to glean an understanding of the deepest sense of our perceptions. – Robert Irwin and James Turrell at Villa Panza


Aisthesis is an exhibition to be felt, rather than viewed – it constitutes a unique perceptual experience, where the borderlines of space and light become confused and cancel each other out.

The exhibition encompasses a total of 19 works, including projections, installations and sensory environments, admirably integrated into the spaces of the villa.

At the corridor, colour lights are shining out from each installation room.


Robert Irwin created in 1973, “Varese Window Room” and “Varese Portal Room,” use simple architectural elements to make subtle interventions in empty white rooms, adjusting our perception in a way that makes the real seem hyper-real.



Info. :


– Robert Irwin and James Turrell interviewed about AISTHESIS –



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