Ugo La Pietra

UGO LA PIETRA : Progetto disequilibrante

Tuesday 25 Novembre 2014, 19.00 at Triennale di Milano

Ugo La Pietra is an architect by training, he is an artist, filmmaker (an actor), editor, musician, cartoonist and teacher. He has been defining himself as a researcher in communication systems and in visual arts.



An exhibition on the work of Ugo La Pietra, alongside the annual editions of the Triennale Design Museum that respond to the question: “What is Italian Design?”

The exhibition on “Ugo La Pietra, Disequilibrating design” also allows for the affirmation of the centrality of design to Milan, and of Milan to design. His relationship with Milan can be read in each work he has done in the many of our country’s productive territories.

Info: the book of Ugo La Pietra, the article by Claudio De Albertis, a president of Triennale di Milano.

PS. Thank you to Hernán Vicente Pitto Bellocchio for inviting me to inauguration.


The random effect

One of his work called “Struttura Aperta”, Three-dimensional textile elements/cold worked methacrylate.

The programming, which is a different surface or the textural of cores are built randomly by chance. The elements, which art unexpected and unforeseen. They called as paradoxically plastic objects, so you can find the noise to determine the growth of the informative element and also increase the aesthetic value.

Gillo Dorfles in Le Strutturazioni tissurali, cat. “Il cenobio,” 1967

CAMPI TISSURATI, cold worked methacrylate. Shaped with heart (Coll.Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, Paris
STRUTTURA APERTA, tree-dimensional textile elements
1966-1968 “Globo Tissurato” The first lamp with light intensity controller and sound ignition.

1967-1969 Immersion

The design of the cabins with the experiences related to the random sign (and disturbance) expressed to audiovisual environments, with reference to overcoming the art system and the centrality of the relationship between man and environment.


1970 Nell’acqua

The device consists of a cylindrical metal container with a protective spherical cover in transparent methacrylate for visitors to get their heads inside. The water circulation continues flowing from the upper tank simulates progressive flooding.


Urban furniture for society: Reconversion Project – 57 designs 1977-1979

Have you ever thought about how possible of things around you which is such  simple things, and transform them to what’s ever it will be super crazy?

Yes, I did the same when I saw things (even stones)

Ugo realised that the things (He called them ‘stone’; Pietra in Italian also his surname) in front of him was not just a simple stone but that, by applying his ideas and using his hands, it could become something else.

This is one of the sample ideas from 57 ideas of his stones. He transformed the public electric’s cupboard to Bar furniture (Mobile bar in Italian)


“Abitare è essere ovunque a casa propria”; Living is being at home everywhere.

A programme/manifesto for overcoming the barrier between private space and public space.

The aimed is trying to take possession of the urban territory in which he lives, exchanging the concept of a “space to use” into “space to live.”

I love his idea that he has always believed the living in a place means that I can understand, love, hate, explore it.

The city is the place where he has tried to expand his personality, it is the place where he is an explorer moving through a territory to be conquered.

info: Ugo La Pietra, Abitare la città, Alinea Editrice, Florence 1983.


“Il desiderio dell’oggetto” 1973 : The desire of the object.

The sociological survey conducted on more than 500 samples and partly published in the first issue of ‘Progettare INPIÙ’ explored the theme of the actual condition of home interiors, and the wishes of their inhabitants.

Eugenio Battisti defined it as “the most extraordinary and inventive experience of active socialism and criticism in place after surrealism on the meaning and use of symbols.”

Info: Book of Ugo la pietra – Diseguilibrating Design.


“Un pezzzo di strada nella stanza o un pezzo di stanza nella strada?” / A piece of the street in the room, or a piece of the room in the street?”

Installation for the “Spazio reale – Spazio Virtuale” exhibition, XVI Triennale di Milano, curated and presented entirely by Ugo La Pietra. The technical scene (by Alberto Prina) that welcomed spectators. Placed the inside of a house onto tram tracks.



Oltre le mura: l’addomesticamento del mondo / Beyond the wall: The domestication of the world.

1982, The drawing alludes to the existence of the barrier between the private space inside and public space outside, where the lives of individuals are no longer legible.
1979, The collection of ceramic home, originally titled ‘Architecture still communicates,’ alludes to overcoming the public-private barrier: objects and household furnitures are reproposed on the different façade.
1979, The collection of ceramic home, originally titled ‘Architecture still communicates,’ alludes to overcoming the public-private barrier: objects and household furnitures are repurposed on the different façade.
Casa Aperta / Hanging bookcase modules, 1998





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