JCP – Ten Secret Treasures

12-17 April 2016
JCP – Ten Secret Treasures
Via Solferino ( in front of n.22)
Brera, Milan


My sight stopped at the entrance of the exhibition. It looks mysterious with black gate and black velvet, trying to hide you from another mysterious side.


Entrance image  courtesy of JCP

Walking inside with me and imagine ….

…A long time ago in the future, after many trials and adventures, The Traveller conquers the ten secret gates of the Glass Pagoda and recovers the Ten Treasures: The Osforth Legacy, Surname’s Light, Box Dolled Xob, the Projection of Ixorb, the Ligomancer’s Bands, Oglof, the Orauro Mesh, Galaver’s Prize, Agaxa’s Promise and the skins of Fygrade.

You are a traveller and you have no idea where are you… 

“The mountain there could be seen a bright and queerly coloured place on the other side, under or may be up on the bare tree with its mirror reflected more and more around space.”



Twins are different
The mirror does not reflect
All that it can see

“…Walking into the hall of the king’s throne, I’ve been invited to meet the Moon-King.”



The Moon-King’s three sons
Neutronium covers skin
Supernormal prize

There is a crystal room next to the king’s throne where is the magic and curses are hidden.



..Never know that this stair will take you down or up. I walked on the crystals with silent and I feel peaceful…

“…The grand prize lives there still, imprisoned in the timeless, I have a feeling of powerful… “


Shrugging off the years
The winter clothes you wore out
Hang up your time here

“…It seems to be poison by coloured. Do not scare yourself until you touch it with your mind…”


You try to escape
The further away you run
The more it loves you


“Branches of tree sprout out and torn your skin, let me see what you are inside..”


Magic is real here
Sooner or later you see
What’s on the inside



“…Hang me tight and fired me here under the moonlight..”


Moon scraper music
Machine intelligences
Bound by song and string

 “…You’ve hidden where you came from..”

Open up what has been shut
To see the outside

“…Shining a powerful of strength that the eye cannot discern…” 


Footstep of a cat
Uncertainty principle
The roots of a cloud


“…Never be one thing or the other for anybody, for it will be your ruin.”

Winning but always
Distracted by the beauty
Of things out of reach

“…Lost in the forest, I cannot understand how are beautiful and scareful can happen in the meantime…”

13063157_1733189740260303_3818452463550105392_o Agaxa image  courtesy of JCP
Lost in the forest
Warrior women dancing
Look: do not approach
No longer is it recorded by man or machine why the traveller seeks these Ten Treasures. All the great wizards departed, vanishing into a silent limbo, to wait for the time when they would be called again. The powers abroad in the world’s young age may recede, but they do so like retreating glaciers, slowly and leaving small fragments of magic everywhere, waiting to be rediscovered…
In my opinion, this is an art extraordinary exhibition combined very well between objects, spaces, contexts, and stories, where imagination happens.
Exhibition by
U.D.O Designers
Visual Design & Artworks





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