Kartell – Talking minds

Talking minds : tales and visions of design
Salone del Mobile, Milan
12-17 April 2016


One of my favourite concept idea for exhibition in Salone del mobile is Kartell, “Talking minds”. A tribute to diversity and the exchange of ideas for the 2016 Salone del mobile, the stand representing the latest products as a journey through the “talking minds” of the creators with modern vision of living tangible and concrete through their products. Getting back to basics, to deep thought, to blowing up design projects.


The minds of designers with stories told by the voices of the stars themselves. The display will revolve around 11 micro-environments, each one dedicated to specific designer ( Antonio Citterio, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni, Alberto Meda, Alessandro Mending, Fabio November, Eugeni Quitlet, Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, Tokujin Yoshioka), as well as the new Kartell Kids line. Each “room” shows the very last products accompanied by the voices of those who designed them.



 “In reality some projects have a very long development period. I began working on more than two years ago. The product’s design is the same as its strategy. We wanted to achieve a “timeless” result without limiting its horizons.” – Antonio Citterio




“Kartell has the capacity to create a special melody with plastic and my role is to harmonise transparency with light by creatively playing with surfaces.” – Tokujin Yoshioka




 “Having to deal with plastics, and the issue of having a structure that needs to be balanced in order to work well, required in-depth research that led to an innovative design for the Cartel collection whose concept was functional yet decorative at the same time.”   – Alberto and Francesco Meda




“Continual research and technological innovation in the fields of materials and processes, we were able to beautifully float dreams on the air” – Eugeni Quitllet




“Generics are things that we no longer see because they have become hidden or so integrated into our lives, our culture, that we have almost forgotten they exist. We need things that no longer speak but also a bit of comfort and a bit of tenderness, in other words, things that exist, nothing more. ” – Philippe Starck




“I realize how many technological and formal opportunities this material still has to reveal in the form of inspiring new objects for people to fall in love with”  – Ferruccio Laviani



“Every personal story reflects a shared feeling. It would be wonderful if this
little lamp could   serve to scatter the shadows and find a way out. Let’s get back on track, because there is a long road ahead.”  – Fabio Novembre



” The concept of changing scale is not simply about moving from big to small or vice versa. It is about the versatility of offering a vast range of objects, from the everyday essentials (seats, stools, sofas, furniture) to collections of tableware, shoes, bags, and even toys” –  Piero Lissoni


“The idea of a new line in which tables could be dressed differently by applying
forms, effects and aesthetics from other worlds and materials to plastics. Its name is Trama, meaning a story, something tactile”  – Patricia Urquiola


“ Kartell’s attitude, manages to make objects “self-luminous”. It is a kind of sense of luxury made available to the masses. This is incredibly valuable.” –  Alessandro Mending

The idea for this exhibition allow visitors to reach the objects and information directly from designer. To better understand and recognized between the difference in the styles and how they interpret idea for the brand. Not only brand get people to know designer but designer also get people to know brand too. Let say this is an immersion in the creative minds that work together to raise mutually beneficial.

 For more information: kartell.com

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