Fondue light

Fondue light, make your light !

Milano Salone Satellite displayed 2016
Rho Fiera

Japanese designer “Satsuma Ohata” created his new experiment of raising and lowering light source. “Cheese fondue” is the idea concept of this light source.




The new light which use by dipping the light source.


Dip and scoop light source!


“By raising and lowering the light source like you do with cheese fondue, you can create as many kinds of light as you want, such as the bright light of the sun, soft light of the moon, and a spotlight-like light coming through the clouds, just like a laboratory. It is super easy – just move the bar to wherever you want.” Satsuma Ohata explained to visitors



Satsuma Ohata said it is using safe material that is used for baby lotion and such, which can make any colour you like.

After talking with Satsuma Ohata, I have an idea to have one colour from liquid and another colour from the bulb. It would be interesting to see how is raising and lowering of both colour light mixing.



Images courtesy of  Satsuma Ohata

See his previous and next projects at






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