The Perfect Density – B&B Italia

02 April 2016 – 17 April 2016


The installation celebrating 50th anniversary of B&B Italia, conceived by Migliore+Servetto Architect.
Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto conceive on different scales, projects characterized by and expressive use of light and new technologies.

The Perfect Density, identifies the concept of density as the narrative fulcrum of B&B Italia.


The big pulsating brain whose synapses surround the visitor in a dynamic tale.

“Density” is taken as a feature of B&B Italia’s identity in a broad sense : from the product physical and material nature to the conceptual one.
Density of ideas and projects, always projecting the company into the future, through a continuous drive for innovation.


Through a narrative synthesis, built on intersecting stories of People, Products and Processes, the installation, set up in the Impluvium of La Triennial di Milano, presents a symbolic representation of pulsating brain of a company that, over the years, has been capable of producing unique pieces, veritable icons of Italian design.


At the centre of space 8 high vertical cages, pulsating and in movement, creat a weave of bright beams that project into the room images and texts, tracing out a system of allusions and suggestions among the various elements. A big brain, whose synapses, shaken by light pulses, surround the visitor in an ongoing and layered tale. Further insight is then provided by the 8 themed towers, which offer 8 different narrative videos.


Two continuous bands scroll across the impluvim’s side walls, revealing an environmental video consisting of a sum of micro-stories: images of graphics products, people and whose faces and gestures are reproduced to infinity by a system of mirrors.



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