The Restaurant

Tom Dixon and Caesarstone have collaborated to create THE RESTAURANT
– a series of extraordinary, sculptural kitchens.
Open during Milan design week.
The furnishing and illumination of Tom Dixon.
Enjoy the tastes and smell by Italian food design studio Arabeschi di Latte.
At the Rotonda Della Besana


Because of the happiness of eating is not just about the tastes of food, but it all about meeting old and new friends, ordering wine, smelling and surrounded by strangers. It is a complete sensation experience.



THE RESTAURANT is a series of four extraordinary sculptural kitchens in collaboration with Caesarstone. Each kitchen cooks one course and services its corresponding dining hall arrayed in a cruciform building.



The spaces are divided to 4 kitchen; Earth, Water, Fire, Air
A unique menu served from 4 elemental kitchen around the 4 different themes in each space.


Earth – The root box (glazed roots with wok salted mushrooms)
Various root vegetables served in the clay bowl.The real tasting and smelling of the Earth.


Water – Frozen stracciatella (Stracciatella soup with frozen leaves)
While I was chewing green beans, I had imagination of diving underwater soup.

1465763531296Image courtesy of  FUTURECRAFTER

Fire – Black Flat ( paratha bread with cheese cream)
The sour taste of cheese cream with the smell of yellow powder made the feeling slightly hot taste like a fire.


Air – Sky fruit (Meringue with aromatic whipped cream)
Softly taste of Meringue mixed with little sweetness of whipped cream gave a feeling of air chewing. The bite of lavender seeds that sprinkled on top of whipped cream as if I am standing in the middle of violet field, with the blowing wind and lavender scented.


Within the surroundings of the late Baroque splendour of Rotonda della Besana. Each kichen and dining hall has a clear aesthetic, materiality and cooking method with the extraordinary taste experience.

you can still explore the venue via an immersive VIRTUAL TOUR

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